Change and Positive Behaviors

CHAPTER 1: Quiz Inquiries

1 . Taking the First Step

1 ) The quality of existence is determined by the quality of the ________ we make on a daily basis.

installment payments on your When we choose positive beliefs, these result in positive behaviors. Positive behaviours often lead to positive results that reinforce each of our positive morals, and the circuit begins from the beginning. This collection describes the cycle of ________.

3. A proven tool for designing living you want to lead is a ________, a written record of your thought process and feelings about your past, present, and future.

some. People who are solid in the ten qualities demonstrated in the Upon Course self-assessment tend to make better choices for forks inside the road than do people who find themselves weak in these qualities. True False

your five. Five suggestions to help you produce a meaningful log are (1) be spontaneous; (2) write for yourself; (3) be honest; (4) be imaginative; and (5) ________.

Answers: 1 . choices 2 . achievement 3. journal 4. The case 5. get deep

2 . Believing in Yourself: Develop Self-Acceptance

1 . Self-esteem may be the reputation we now have with others. TRUE BOGUS

2 . Self-esteem is focused by elevated self-acceptance. AUTHENTIC FALSE

three or more. Accepting each of our weaknesses means ________.

A. we are happy to stay as we are

N. we can today begin to reinforce the things regarding ourselves that could be changed C. we are weakened

4. Good people are usually willing to ________.

A. confess their personal weaknesses

B. set a target to change

C. manage all their actions to create about alter

D. look at feedback of their efforts to improve

E. have courage to change

F. do all of the above

5. We could born which has a certain level of self-esteem, and it remains that way through our existence. TRUE BOGUS

Answers: 1 . FALSE (reputation with ourselves) 2 . AUTHENTIC 3. N 4. F 5. PHONY (We can easily learn larger self-esteem as we learned lower self-pride. )

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