Creative Product Promotion Bnd Level a few Business

Task 1

Introduction to the promotional combine

Every business will require conditions promotional mix as with out this you can have the best item at the ideal price however you will never create any product sales. Businesses need to make use of different above and below the range promotions to market their products. (I have discovered a quotation that stands behind my thoughts about the marketing mix and share another fundamental insight due to its implicational meaning) (The mix of personal selling, public relations, promoting, sales promotion, sponsorships, normal mail, and industry events that are applied to promoting a good or service. The appropriate combine is the mixture that creates the best benefits for a presented budget. Steven Sheridan, Organization Promotion) Over a line marketing

This is promoting placed in TELEVISION SET, radio, newspapers and movie theater and other media's. This form of advertising is generally used by larger companies as it can be expensive. Below the range advertising

This form of advertising relies around promoting via regular mail, sponsorship and sales promotion. This is generally very cheap advertising and marketing that is used mainly by more compact companies. However even multiple national companies will use this kind of style as it is still very successful and extremely cheap. Recognition of my chosen businesses

I will identify my two different businesses as Burger King and Anderson and Wall motorcycles in Bridgwater. I use chosen these two companies as I currently be employed by Burger King meaning I was up to date using their promotional activity. I choose Anderson and Wall as I am good friends together with the owner and he has agreed to discuss me through the companies' marketing mix and how it works. I actually also imagine they would be a good assessment to Burger King as I can easily see the difference of your small businesses marketing mix to multi countrywide companies. White castle advertising methods

Over a line special offers


White castle Use the television to advertise their very own new products, this might be the most useful way of advertising and marketing a product since the television actually reaches massive customers. However this type of advertising and marketing can be very costly meaning smaller businesses are unable to utilize this particular campaign.


You often hear Burger King Offers on the car radio advertising their new products. This can be again a great way of promoting a product as it reaches out to a large target audience. However that isn't as successful as you are unable to see the item meaning customers make their particular interpretations. Radio also pricey meaning rate of interest cap are unable to manage it. Advertisements

Burger king may also use advertisements and cards to promote their products. This is generally a good kind of advertising as you can show images of your item. Billboards are usually relatively affordable compared to tv or radio. Shown underneath are some examples of Burger King Billboards:

Newspaper offers

Burger King will most likely promote all their company in the newspaper by simply either providing vouchers or special offers for the reader. This can be again a good form of promotion as it actually reaches out to a huge target audience. This procedure could also be a below the line promotion depending on how they happen to be advertising the organization or product. Below the range promotions

White castle uses numerous below the series forms of promo as these tend to be very cheap but nevertheless very effective. Let me look at a few examples of these and show at their very own main benefits and drawbacks. In store Promotions

Burger king constantly advertise their above series deals in store in a under the line procedure such as reminding the customers of deals with cards. This process is very successful as it may potentially associated with customers use more money and can remind customers of available products.

Global support

Burger King have lately sponsored Getafe football club so that they can help enhance their identity further in Europe. This kind of style support is very expensive but is observed by a significant target...

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