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Job Charter

Project Title: Green Computing Research study

Project Start Date: May possibly, 02, 2013Projected Finish Day: November, goal, 2013 Budget Information: The EEG features allocated money 500, 000. The majority of the cost for this task will be for environmental study. Project Administrator:

Task Objectives:

Develop fresh web app with wealthy multimedia content focusing inside environmental issue which are Water conservation, Carbon footprint and Paperless time. The new site application will help to assist the business in conference its tactical goals and objective. The newest internet site will increase the general public awareness on all neighborhood, regional and global environmental issues. It will likewise help to aid concerned authorities by applying environmental applications and tasks. The task will lead EGG to foster exchange of information, knowledge and techniques expertise. Environmental organization ELEKTROENZEPHALOGRAPHIE seeks to promote positive environmental action pertaining to the largest likely number of user to effective participation in specific assignments, campaigns and activities. The modern website can collect a database upon various environmental issues and experts upon various environmental issues through the public and sectors to become available for community and organizations. The EGG will liaise with various focus on groups in the community to spread the environmental message and encourage volunteerism in preserving and protecting the environment. These types of objectives will certainly lead organization to propagate community waste materials reduction and recycling techniques, both as a means of safeguarding the environment as a flagship for improving the community's environmental recognition.

Main Project Success Conditions: To total this job within 6 months for no longer 500, 1000 DHs. The project sponsor EGG decided on the aim is propagate community waste lowering and taking schemes, equally as a means of protecting the planet and as a flagship pertaining to improving the community's environmental awareness which will be cause improved individual well-being and social value, while considerably reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities.


1 ) Research: Discover project requirements, feasibility

2 . Design period: Web Site Framework Prototypes, Homepage Layout. 3. Built site: writing the programming code, Entering data in data source 4. Testing phase: check browser capacities and check feature and functionality a few. Implementation stage: site configuration, select hosting service, storage place on a Net server and a homogeneous Resource Locator (URL). 6. Maintain and Training: training client to learn how to use the brand new system..

Jobs and Tasks


PositionContact Information

Job mangerStudent expert

TeamMattSenior java/Asp. net [email protected] com


TeamMary3D MAYA [email protected] com


TeamTeresaMultimedia content [email protected] com


TeamJamesSenior program [email protected] com


TeamRuby Software testing [email protected] com


TeamCook Database [email protected] com


outsourceMuatazHosting [email protected] com


Scope Affirmation

Project Name: Green Computer Research Project

Date: Prepared by:

Project Approval:

The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) requested this kind of project coming from management staff to Develop new web program with abundant multimedia content focusing in there environmental concern which are Water conservation, Carbon footprint and Paperless, to help a company in meeting their environmental desired goals and goal. The task is to build new internet site application which supports EGG firm improving their environmental providers in many ways. The modern website application will increase visibility of the company's expertise to current and potential...

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