Lajoma Furniture

 Lajoma Home furniture Essay

My spouse and i. Time Framework:

Present Time

II. Perspective:

Owners of Lajoma Pieces of furniture

III. Central Problem:

Potential loss of consumers due to gaps of elements causing raising orders never to be let in. IV. Affirmation of Goals:

Need to: Redesign Lajoma products through innovation and continuously cater to increasing require from clients. Want: Retention of current customers and sustain company's success and profitability.

Versus. Areas of Consideration

TOWS (external environment)


1 . Postponed delivery of raw materials

installment payments on your Prime uncooked material is starting to become scarce

three or more. Competition from the other furniture company

4. Increasing price of wood and sometimes price monopoly from suppliers OPPORTUNITIES

1 . Different substitute for solid wood can be used by Furniture companies. 2 . Item can be re-innovated thru merchandise reengineering through becoming ground breaking and innovative. 3. There is an increasing demand for furniture (be it home and professional need) four. Steady flow of other recycleables (steel and plastic) that can be considered by the manufacturers. your five. Increasing popularity of Philippine home furniture in global market. 6. Cheaper recycleables will increase profit.


1 . Current layout can be not flexible. It needs reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling. 2 . Staff need to be trained to be more flexible as well. They need to be focused with other means and recycleables in doing goods. 3. Current machinery is not suitable for be used for other unprocessed trash. There's a have to invest in new machineries. Its capability is limited. TALENTS

1 . Competence of owners in various field is essential to company's expansion 2 . Hands on management style and excessive involvement level of the...

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