Bench/ Marketing Brief

 Bench Marketing Brief Exploration Paper




To become a recognised community brand the best world brands


When we create, we encourage,

When we make, we innovate,

When we business lead, we provide. (1)

Inside the mid-80s, Bill Chan began designing little one's clothing that were for his sister and brother-in-law, who also owned a children's clothing boutique. (2) His pieces became popular which will led to him starting a tiny clothing retail outlet selling nearby made men's t-shirts and walking trousers in 1987. (3) Because of its popular demand, it prospered in Bench/. Their first store was located in SM Makati. (4)

Later on, that grew from an all-men clothing series, to a significant brand that delivers a lot of items which includes underwear, fragrances and other way of life products; specifically *Human, Bench/ Brats, Bench/ Body & Bath line and HerBench/. They also began a fashion demonstrate featuring many.

Currently they now possess franchise and retailers all over the world specifically in the Al-Khobar, Riyadh, Kuwait in the centre East, California, Canada, Florida, Saipan, Brunei, Taiwan, Combined Arab Emirates and Palau and now have branches in Guam and Shanghai. Bench/ is underneath Suyen Corporation. (5)

Overall, Bench/ provides the whole market; men, ladies, teens, and children, with low cost. their slogan " Bench is usually forever" became the creed of the business. (6)

PRODUCT LINES AND PRICES (Bench/ Body system for her) (7)





They plan to find the attention of recent consumers, as well as keeping all their old consumers. In order to attain these, they tackle the following to attain an effective ad campaign:

1 . ) Demographic

Their marketplace is of these belonging throughout the economy bracket of B and C, typically on young adults ages 13 above, and young adults, because their products are generally affordable and casual.

installment payments on your ) Psychographic

They use someone psychographic system to...

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