A Study on Homogeneous Sectioning

A Study Around the High School Sectioning System

The 4th Year Students' Points of views

Submitted By simply:

Darren Xavier T. Lucenario

IV- St . Francis

Submitted To:

Ms. Jean Victoria Malenab

January 7, 2013

Table Of Contents

Title Page one particular

Table of Contents two

I. Launch

a. Initial Part

b. Topic

c. Definition of Terms

II. Relevance of the Research

III. Research Proper

a. Data, Papers, Researches, and Other Information Collected

IV. Advantages and Disadvantages

a. Positive aspects

b. Disadvantages

V. Summary

VI. Survey Conclusion

VII. Appendix

a. Questions to Answer

b. Graphs (Survey Results)

c. Bibliography

A Study On The High School Sectioning System: The 4th 12 months Students' Views

I. Introduction

a. Preliminary Part

Sectioning is a process of dividing students into different classes. This system was

presented because of the raising number of college students in every year level. Since a single teacher

cannot handle a lot of students, there is a serious need to break down these learners into

different classes so that every single student might be accommodated and given right

education. The homogeneous sectioning system/process has been built-in with many

educational devices worldwide. However , this system has been currently regarded as very

discriminatory and unfair. A lot of things such as labeling and requirement turn out to cause a

big negative influence on students' academics performance. HOMOGENEOUS SECTIONING IS DEFINITELY



This type of system considerably affects the aspiration and motivation to get academic

achievement as a result, hindering the chances of achieving academic excellence. This kind of also has been

known to break the connection that links cream parts form non-cream sections due to the

creation of competition, cause of covet and jealousy, and show of favoritism. Indeed this aspect

has nothing to do with academic performance whatsoever but out of it sprouts a new problem:

the result on the interpersonal life of students. Non-cream students produced the thought of producing

cream students think isolated from the society or perhaps labeling these people as " stuck up smarty pants” or

" substantial achieving nerds” and other bad labels. Cream sections generally have decrease section-

status because of their specifications and status on instructors and other higher authorities. The attitude

of decrease sections on cream areas seem to by no means change as a result of continuous

development of bad factors relating to students.

In abolishing the homogenous type of sectioning, the desires of unifying students so that

all their social your life would not affect the achievement of academic brilliance would not always be

still not successful. In some cases, it can seem simply to have a cream section. First,

there is a category that is surely dependable and is counted in. Second, reps for

academic incidents would not be hard to find. And last, the device of grading honor learners would

be a air flow and will be much convenient for all those in charge. Although, this affirmation may

be considered since too prejudice. All quarrels involving this subject matter apparently fall into the same

elements: discrimination, labels, favoritism, and so forth And this study aims to discover why.

b. Matter

The topic of the research is mainly upon sectioning. To narrow that down, the research focuses on

one type which can be Homogeneous Sectioning. The additional type is usually Heterogeneous Sectioning which

is the a single (technically) being promoted from this study. The topic concerns the particular 4th year

learners because they are one of the most experienced of all HS college students and have knowledgeable at

least four years of the Homogeneous Sectioning System in HS

c. Definition of Conditions

1 ....

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